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Saturday, September 06, 2008 ; 10:16 PM
Last update

Hey everyone. (The everyone should be.. less than 10)


Click Here for New Blog

Thursday, July 31, 2008 ; 10:29 PM
Lunar 7th Month tomorrow!

To 配合 the Lunar 7th Month..

1. This blog will be "dead" in 2 hours time
2. will have very interesting and fun campaign going on in their website!

Using the remaining 2 hours... I will be sharing with you one of my scary encounter in school.

It was during the CCA camp I had 2 years ago. Me, and other 3 more friends were at the canteen in the middle of the night chatting. The entire CCA peeps were asleep except us. We chatted until around 1am when I saw the orange lights near the canteen CHANGING COLORS. From orange to white, to yellow, blue, pink, red.. then it switches off and on again.. the color changing starts all over again repeatedly.

At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I called out to my other friends. All of them turned around and looked at the lights and everyone saw the same thing...

So, we decided to switch to another venue to hold our talks as we didn't want to go back to sleep. We sat outside the general office, which also faces the same lights as the place we sat earlier. But this time round, no lights were changing colors. One of my friends got really scared later on and wanted to go back to the room to take his bible.

When he came back, he told us that he saw the school attendant at the Spice garden. Knowing that he stays outside the school, I immediately said that he could be tired and probably imagined something. But he said he wasn't. We looked at our watch.. 3am.

All of us gathered our courage and walked to the spice garden. We didn't see anyone or hear anything...
You know what they say about 3am being one of the most scariest time to meet ghosts? Yeah. 3AM.

So... we hurried back to the room and pretend there's nothing wrong. End of story.

Still kinda freaks me out now..


Oh yes, I'm still not sure what am I going to do with this blog. I'll probably not deleting it. Maybe I'll change it into a chinese blog.. maybe not. Let's see how it goes...

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 ; 11:37 AM
last blogged on 30 June 08.

HEY everyone!
It's been a month since I last touched this blog.. I know I know..

Anyway this blog is already 3/4 dead. After July 31 this blog will be officially dead. Just so you know.

4 freaking years spent on this blog.

Anyway, to tell you the truth... I do miss this blog once I'm gone. I've spent so much time on this blog, building up its small readers but I'm currently very satisfied with settling in bloopdiary, so I won't be using this blog. I enjoy being as private as possible now.

Speaking of which, I checked nuffnang and there is someone googling "bloopdiary valerie" and ended up at retardarts. If any of my readers/friends/enemies wants to know about this blog, chances are there will not be any results shown on net that will lead you to my new blog cos I did not allow any search engine to post my blog onto it. Searching bloopdiary will not lead you to my blog, because I didnt use 'retardarts' as my signature name. You want the add, ask me personally. If I'm close enough to you or if my mood is good, i'll give it to you. If not, I'm sorry about that.

During this 1 month when I'm away, many things happened. I will not fill you up with all the details.

Anyway, heres an online interview of me in
Click here


Monday, June 30, 2008 ; 10:19 PM



The reason for me asking for votes is because I'M ONE OF THE TOP 10 FINALIST IN BEST BLOG DESIGN CATERGORY.


The winner will win a laptop and a trophy!

And you can vote once everyday! So go vote everyday I begggg youuuu~

After this ends, I promise the modelling pictures will be up. Go go go!


Now this is the last time I'm asking you guys to vote. I need more votes! Go vote for me! GOGOGO.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 ; 1:17 AM
Moving soon

Dont you think my blog lacks some certain emotions of a human?

Like... my blog only has happy memories and that's it.

I guess that always happens when a blog gets too audience-orientated. Keep the audiences coming in by entertaining them with happy reads.

Not going to anymore.

After a few more post and after I get my 50bucks from Nuffnang (Yes, I have enough money to cash out my earnings), I'm shutting this blog down.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008 ; 12:32 PM
2 more photos for you!

This Saturday I'm going to Labrador Park for a photoshoot again!

I'm so excitied about this one, I've been looking forward to this since... erm... April?

Oh yea, I'm going to move my blog soon.. moving to some place where no one will find me. And if you found it, you're lucky. Currently I have already finished making my site, so moving would be very soon.

If you didn't see me here, that means I'm there.

Goodbye retardarts blog.

Privacy, the utmost important thing in life.


Sunday, June 15, 2008 ; 11:23 PM
Internet ROM

Something interesting for dating couples to play with!

Go to

You know couples do silly things when they are together?
Here is it!

Deardear and I took an awful long time to choose an auspicious date for our registry. Haha. Finally we found one that he likes, and I have no objection.

So we decided to get married on 20 July!

It sounds good on Chinese Lunar Calendar, and he likes it because its 128 days away from the day we met. Initially we wanted to get 7 Oct, because in the Lunar Calendar it is 9 Sep, which also means eternal forever (chang chang jiu jiu) in Chinese. But he don't like it when its 207 days away from the day we met. He doesn't like odd numbers.

Fussy boy. :P

Haha. It sounds funny, silly but I guess that's something couples enojy to do.. and not going to movies and fun places all the time. You'll get sick of it eventually.

I'm now sharing our joy with you!
Go to this Link!

Have fun couples!


; 9:10 PM

From SGfriends:

Hahaha. Money No Enough 2.. coming your way

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; 1:01 PM
Here's a...

Small preview of the photoshoot yesterday.